Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy

Psychotherapy & Personal Development

Do you ever feel burnt-out or that life is overwhelming? Unmanageable?  You are not alone… Most of us, at one time or another, will experience personal, marriage or relationship problems… signs of depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, job or financial problems.

The important thing for you to know is what to do next...

Working together, we can identify the issues and find the resources to make your life more manageable and facilitate the healing process.  Helping you come to a better understanding of who you are and what you want for yourself becomes the focus of therapy.

Uncovering the source of your blocks to happiness and success, we work gently to remove these obstacles in a way that allows you to feel better immediately and to begin the process of true healing.  Developing new skills through practical tools will allow for an increasing feeling of wholeness and empowerment without wasting time or energy by just “talking about” the problem and recycling old patterns and hurts.

True healing means clearing out issues at the root.  This must be done in a way that doesn’t trigger old responses that could get in the way of healing by creating overwhelming upset. Using a gentle, laser-like approach, The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) addresses the need to feel emotionally and physically safe while confronting potentially overwhelming memories. Working at the level of the neurophysiology, the healing continues even after the session has ended and gradually integrates and become the new “normal.”  New skills are spontaneous without requiring practice nor remembering to function differently.

Healing changes occur at the deepest levels of the body and brain so that they feel natural and normal.  It allows the body to remember and the mind to re-connect with the truth of one’s life – your core self and the experience of being significant – of belonging and feeling loved. It allows for the expression of your unique gifts and talents.

Only you can decide if the time is now to take that first step towards healing and growth, but just imagine how much better you'll feel when you finally get the help you need.

I offer phone sessions, Skype sessions, and intensive weekend sessions in my office or your preferred location where we can work anywhere from 6-16 hours in two to four days in person with me. To arrange for sessions, please call me at 951 682-7143 or contact me here. []

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