Avis Cole Attaway is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC #34493) in private practice in Riverside, California since 1997.  Avis has completed her doctoral studies with Ryokan College in Clinical Psychology for her PsyD and is currently completing her dissertation on The Comprehensive Resource Model of therapy for the treatment of trauma and dissociation.

She founded Life Source Solutions Center in 2007 to provide expanded services to the community and as a way for clients to find a therapist to match their personality and their needs. Today she is also a trainer of therapists through the non-profit counseling center she founded in 2010, Life Source Training Institute, Inc., to provide affordable counseling services to the community.

Graduating from Loma Linda University in 1994, she earned her Masters of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy Studies. Her earliest successes were in marriage counseling with couples experiencing difficulties with anger, financial stress, parenting differences and emotional distance.  Avis began working with adolescents in residential treatment, focusing on the severely emotionally disturbed.  This lead to specializing in trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Working with traumatized clients, she realized the need for another form of therapy besides traditional talk therapy. So in 1998 she became certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)  a mind-body approach to therapy. Working with adoptive families, Avis began to see children who were having extreme difficulty adjusting to their new families. These children had been traumatized by multiple placements and prior neglect and/or abuse.  Because of this, they were unable to respond appropriately or to form a healthy attachment to their new parents. This condition, known as RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), involves extensive family treatment, time and great commitment -especially from the parents.

Today Avis has specialized in the cutting-edge neurobiological approach, a mind-body-energy therapy called The Comprehensive Resource Model, or CRM.  This model addresses traumatic material that has become frozen in the mind and body of the individual, while at the same time supporting the system to feel safe and to experience enhanced coping resources.  CRM allows for the release of the most disruptive and triggering material while developing skills to remain present and regulated.  This approach utilizes body awareness and strengthens and empowers one’s ability to be comfortable in one’s own skin. Relying less on talking and more on experiencing, CRM supports the discharge of old, unwanted traumatic memories.   Believing that true healing occurs in the body before it occurs in the mind or brain, Avis utilizes this therapy with her clients who desire deep and lasting change.

As a lifelong student of psychology, philosophy and spirituality, Avis became interested in the clinical use of hypnosis to help clients with a variety of issues and was certified in hypnotherapy in 1999 by Dr. Eleanor Field.  She learned to practice spiritual regression work through the International Association of Research and Regression Therapies, and is a certified member and trainer for The Newton Institute for Life-Between-Lives™ therapy.  Her continuing interest in the mind-body-spirit connection lead to her introduction to Psych-K™ in 2004. This technique involving kinesiology (muscle-testing) works with an individual’s self-limiting beliefs that cause limitation or distress in their life.  In addition, Avis is a practicing Reiki Master.

In 2007 with the global phenomena of the hit dvd, The Secret, Avis studied the Law of Attraction with the featured host of the film, Bob Proctor, and became licensed as a LifeSuccess Consultant.  As a life coach, she teaches clients how the mind works and the basic principles that make it inevitable for you to have whatever it is you are seeking.

Avis is currently accepting new therapy and coaching clients on an individual or group basis.    She is also available for Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops, and other speaking engagements.