As a healer, it is my goal to embody clarity and core self in my personal relationships and professional work, and throughout all areas of my life. It is my responsibility to complete the internal healing work necessary to allow for this type of embodied existence in my own life in order to be able to provide the same for my clients.  I have done this work and now I offer the opportunity to others who wish to have a more intense experience of self.

An Intensive is an extended healing experience in which you will have the opportunity to work at the most profound level in alleviating gestational trauma, attachment disruptions, generational patterns, and disconnection from self.  The nature of an Intensive allows for several hours of healing work to be accomplished in one sitting, and the format can provide several sittings over the course of one to three days.  The Intensive format is uniquely customized to your treatment goals, and scheduled with you around any time or financial constraints.  

You may want to consider an Intensive if you are looking for accelerated clearing of trauma from your life or to jumpstart the healing, or to connect with your authentic self at the deepest level of your being.  You will take away from the Intensive a deep-seated, heartfelt experience that will have far-reaching effects in your life.

Please call or email Avis to discuss whether the Intensive is in your highest healing interest, at this time.